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High and low voltage cabling specialists

Your end to end cabling contractor – including: Electrical cabling, Telecoms (fibre optical) cabling

Underground Cable Installations

Extensive cable installation and laying experience on all size project and conditions.

Cable Installing Solutions Queensland

Your trusted contractor in cable installation. Get the job done.

Reliability - Experience - Safety - Solutions

You need a crew on your project team you can trust to lay cable efficiently and safely.

CIS are experienced and reliable, committed to getting it right – first time, on time.

As a project manager, you are under increasing pressure for time, budgeting and accuracy to meet and outperform key project milestones.

CIS are your partner in ensuring reliability and solutions to meet your project goals.


Cable Installing Solutions

  • Underground Cable Installation

    CIS are experienced in underground HV cable installation and underground LV cable installation offering a full cable laying service for both large and small projects. You can be assured that all underground cable laying and installation equipment is safety checked and approved for appropriate use.

    CIS are experienced partners in electrical engineering and construction projects that require Underground cable installation

    HV Underground Cable Installation
    LV Underground Cable Installation

  • Power Cable Installations

    Travis Baker and his crew are experts in the laying and installation of power cabling. This experience means that all your power cable laying and installation requirements on site will be serviced with equipment and expertise that will deliver onsite solutions and minimal delays and variations to your construction project.

    CIS are a reliable partner on electrical project management.

  • High Voltage Cable Installation

    CIS are your specialist crew for high voltage cable laying services. Offering onsite consultation and solutions to ensure that when required they provide the right crew, effective high voltage cable laying equipment and solutions for your project. Minimal variations and project delays on your high voltage cable laying requirements means project success.

    Partner with the best in high voltage cable laying services and installation.

  • Cable Laying Specialists

    Experienced and reliable partners on your electrical, engineering and construction project. Extensive cable installation and laying experience on all size project and conditions. Travis Baker offers his personal service with onsite accountability and solutions in cable installation. CIS crew take responsibility for effective and efficient cable laying with expertise in getting the job done with minimum interruption and accurate cable installation first time, every time.

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